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Elite Bubbles is the answer to all your problems!
We are here to offer you room service in your luxury apartment just like you would expect if you were staying in a five star hotel!

Have you ever been at home and run out of wine, but it’s too late to go looking for a store and not only that, but your way over the limit to drive well that’s where Elite Bubbles comes to the rescue!

Maybe you’re celebrating with friends and run out of champagne or in the mood for some shisha but don’t want to go out looking for your nearest shisha cafe, well Elite Bubbles will bring that right to your door with a range of flavours to choose from including nicotine free options, we will deliver and collect at your chosen time the next day.

Perhaps it’s a special occasion that slipped your mind and you know if you don’t do something fast you will be in the dog house for months, well then why not pick from one of our “naughty night in” packages….

If you’ve just taken home that special someone but don’t have the essentials you need for your night to run smoothly not to worry we will be there in a hurry! With 24hr room service 365 days a year, never miss out on a good time again!

  • Choose all you need from our range of alcoholic beverages, shisha and other delights, add them to your basket.
  • Go to the Checkout and enter your details to make your order.
  • Within a short time you’ll be winding down with your favourite Elite product!